Sen Sessions to Mark Levin: Dems Rewrote Whole Immigration Bill & Buried Corker Amendment Throughout the Bill

This is EXACTLY what Reps Steve King, Bachmann, and Gohmert warned was going to happen. I will bet the Corker Amendment is similar to the House bill many like Paul Ryan are praising. The Corker Amendment is a Trojan Horse to open the door to get votes to pass this law which will first legalize ILLEGAL ALIENS (amnesty) and then maybe the border will be secured.

This nightmare bill that will flood the nation with 30 million more people, we cannot sustain, has been crafted in a White House “war room” per Sen Sessions too! So 0bama has his hands all over it with Schumer and McCain.

Understand this, this is the same “kabuki dance” that was sold to Pres Reagan in 1986. America we cannot allow this bill to get passed it is worse than 0bamacare! There is so much CRAP buried into this 1000+ page ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty bill we won’t know what’s in it until the jerks pass it!!