Bill O’Reilly Delivers Epic Talking Points Memo Blasting Race Hustlers

This is the old Bill O talking tonight and he went completely medieval on racist industry!!

Bill O’Reilly delivered one of, if not the most powerful Talking Points Memos speaking the absolute truth about the problems within black community. He will no doubt be eviscerated by the racist industry for calling out stats & figures on crime, children born out-of-wedlock, lack of proper education etc that Sharpton, Jackson and Obama do not want the people to know.

One of the key components O’Reilly cites at the root of the problem is the deterioration or lack of the family unit. O’Reilly then thundered away on the media, Hollywood, poor parenting and Obama to knock it off the pandering to the black community promoting the “gangsta” culture and for playing the race card!!

You could clearly see the rage and raw anger in O’Reilly as the segment went on where he even got tongue-tied expressing a point. This is the rage I think we all feel at those playing the race card and we can thank the imperial emperor for making matters worse!

Since this went up the left hasn’t really thrown a hissy fit over it. That in itself, like this vid, leaves me a bit speechless! They know he is telling the truth and I think are fearful of going after him because Bill O is probably prepared to rebut them all with absolute facts.