Bill O’Reilly Delivers Epic Talking Points Memo Blasting Race Hustlers

This is the old Bill O talking tonight and he went completely medieval on racist industry!!

Bill O’Reilly delivered one of, if not the most powerful Talking Points Memos speaking the absolute truth about the problems within black community. He will no doubt be eviscerated by the racist industry for calling out stats & figures on crime, children born out-of-wedlock, lack of proper education etc that Sharpton, Jackson and Obama do not want the people to know.

One of the key components O’Reilly cites at the root of the problem is the deterioration or lack of the family unit. O’Reilly then thundered away on the media, Hollywood, poor parenting and Obama to knock it off the pandering to the black community promoting the “gangsta” culture and for playing the race card!!

You could clearly see the rage and raw anger in O’Reilly as the segment went on where he even got tongue-tied expressing a point. This is the rage I think we all feel at those playing the race card and we can thank the imperial emperor for making matters worse!

Since this went up the left hasn’t really thrown a hissy fit over it. That in itself, like this vid, leaves me a bit speechless! They know he is telling the truth and I think are fearful of going after him because Bill O is probably prepared to rebut them all with absolute facts.

  • Rosie English

    wow now I cannot believe Bill Oreilly, but he is right on…Way to Go Bill..Couldnt have said it any better…wow

    • gramps,

      Bill O’ Rielly, hit it out of the park last night !

      He ‘drew’ a line in the sand & called a ‘Spade a Spade’, he ‘dun’ GOOD !
      He laid bare the ‘race-baiting’ Rev’s Sharpton & Jackson along with ‘his ‘nib’s’, the ‘POTUS’, CBC & NAACP.

      One the many things he pointed out was: Over 70% of ‘black baby’s’ are born to single mothers with NO father figures……
      (gramps: “I’d say, those aren’t family’s, they’re ‘litters'”)


      Stay tuned…


  • Winger

    I said much the same thing on a Disqus thread elsewhere not as eloquently and got all manner of grief and I’m a nobody. O’Reilly has a juggernaut heading his way.

  • mikesbuffalo

    this was spot on. and the hate baiters will never wish to help. but maybe just maybe you have forced their hand, bill i am proud of you. for stating the truth and the needs , i cant find words. just thank you for saying it, now do they have the balls to help. obama,holder, al. jessie, can you hear him. call bill its time to fix your race problems. or do you not have the guts. to help. as holder likes to say his people.

  • Mark Clark

    This is the Truth that Mr. O’Reilly delivered tonight,i”M still in shock how Mr O’Reilly goes right down the list about how to Help the Black population in the U.S.A. Why doesn’t Pres. Obama lead his people in taking action,that will really help his comm.He”s the 1ST BLACK Pres. get the right help to the Blacks in this country,I”M 100% WITH MR. O”REILLY TONIGHT,GREAT TRUTH
    MR. O’Reilly

    • Ryan

      Because Mark, there is no money in helping them. The longer that they are dysfunctional, the longer he can offer govt subsides and count on their vote.

      • yolla

        BINGO Ryan, right on the money!!

  • Diane Rickman Carder

    Shocking he said all this, but he is right on target. Hope obama hears it

  • rebafanct

    No matter how right O’Reilly is, black leaders will cry racism and make excuses, so as to not have to take responsibility for their actions or those of their followers. It is much, much easier to play the victim, and they have a long history of playing it so well…

    • Christopher Mooney

      that’s because it is racism

  • Sprinkles
  • rlc14433

    Hypocritical race baiting bigots and compulsive liars like Hussein Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Witholder and delusional limousine liberals will dismiss this truth from O’Reilly because helping blacks would mean less democratic votes.

    • Ryan

      That’s exactly right. There is no money in helping them get on board with the rest of society. He needs them to be the way that they are so he can offer them govt subsides and count on their vote. Unfortunately, they either don’t believe it or don’t care

      • Sikastupidity

        The President doesn’t make these programs up, you asses. Talk to your Congressmen/women and Senators. I’m never to shocked to see the denial from white people concerning racism. Every comment on this post is laden with white superior thinking. Do none of you ever question the sources of these stats? Who said that none of these children have father-figures? ALL the children I know, born in, or out, of wedlock, have father-figures. Maybe the mothers aren’t married, but that doesn’t mean the child has no father. You’d rather believe the hype that all young black men are dope dealers, criminals and in jail, incapable of unwilling to provide for their families. You make me sick.

        • Northwestdad

          Sikastupidity, It isn’t just whites talking about a lack of positive role models for poor black kids. Van Jones was talking about it on This Week last Sunday. There are many great role models for kids in our society. They are not all men, not all white but it is helpful if a child has someone close to him (or her) to look up to for encouragement and guidance. As someone who grew up poor I can tell you one of the greatest disadvantages of being poor is not realizing the opportunities we have in this country for those who are willing to work hard and have a plan. The only options I saw as a young man were a sawmill or a silver mine until I joined the Air Force and met people from other parts of the country who were machinists, electricians, electronic technicians, engineers…my biggest problem when I started college after the Air Force was deciding what I wanted to study. Unfortunately I think there are too many folks in the black community telling kids the system is so stacked against them they believe it is a waste of time to even try.

    • Sikastupidity

      Did it make you feel superior to call the President “Hussein?” Is that supposed to mean something? It’s his middle name, not his given name, and he doesn’t normally use that in daily life. What was the point you were trying to make here?

      • rlc14433

        Hey Stupidity, I’ll call this unqualified, affirmative action pandering liar ‘Hussein’ anytime I want to, regardless if a black schmuck like you likes it or not! One more thing Stupidity…go screw yourself, douchebag.

        • Sikastupidity

          Your response illuminates your mental inferiority. You didn’t answer the question, just resorted to name-calling. Who’s stupid? Can you not form a better argument to support your stand than to use a childish form of defense? I’m still….sikastupidity.

          • rlc14433

            Stupidity, you’re a typical black hypocrite, kinda like your ‘president’ Hussein. I couldn’t care less regarding your worthless liberal babbling…and yes, you’re still stupidity.

          • Snarky McGurk

            Somebody close to the MFer named him Hussein for a reason. But, for the record, I find the Barack and Obama parts equally distasteful. Keep it up though, people like you are the best recruiters for our “awakening”

  • Ryan

    I wrote an article yesterday morning on facebook, mirroring Bills rant and I received the exact responses that I suspected. Folks on the right loved it while those on the left peddled the same ol’ liberal bullshit. There is nothing wrong with being aware of the facts and reacting based upon those facts. To add on to what Bill said, the Black community makes up about 13% of the population and are responsible for 46% of reported crimes. That is enough for any rational person to be overly cautious around young Black men. The terrible things that happened to Black folks happened almost fifty years ago. How much longer is it going to be used against White people, most of which were not even alive?

    • scootershel

      I agree with your thoughts on this topic but I wanted to let you know that either you have a typo or you have included inaccurate information… the Emancipation Proclamation was adopted 6 Dec 1865 which seized slavery in America. That would make it more like 148 years ago. I just wanted to bring this to your attention so that people would not use this mistake as a weapon against your intelligence or knowledge.

      • Deborah got Marie

        I think Scooter’s thinking more of, you know… backs of buses and separate water fountains… Unfair wages and separate inferior public schools, lynchings in town squares and whites not being permitted to marry blacks- you know… those kinds of inequalities. I just wanted to bring this to your attention so that people would not use this mistake as a weapon against your intelligence or knowledge…

        • scootershel

          Please explain to me how you can take a fact that I pointed out and change it to what you believe I meant, was thinking of or feel? I believe you have misdirected your comment because I clearly stated truth so that it would not come back to a simple historical mistake and be used as a weapon against the writer I was responding to. The bottom line is the video speaks pure truth, sins of the past are never forgiven or forgotten and few other cultures or races use this as the black community does, period!

    • Christopher Mooney

      Something like 15% of the prison population are ex servicemen

      Does that mean we should assume all soldiers are criminals?

    • rudeboi

      The thing you fail to realize is that you’re being dictated to. I’m sure you can remember when the news told you to be scared of Black people right? Now they tell you to be scared of young Black men and like a complete fool you repeat that same line.

  • Proverbs 31

    Speaking the truth is the only way to go. Thank you Bill O’Reilly, praying that the people in our nation will wake up and know discernment.

  • bartman777

    wow, I agree with a lot of what was said. I think God I live in the south , in a small town where the town is like 20 years behind most. Yes I have lived in bigger cities, but despise the way the people behave, the kids are more racist than most of the adults are…. America’s fought hard in the 60’s to fight for rights that are not even being taught to these kids, because of the educational system that is so weak from years of Government mandates and abuse of teachers to be less.

  • Lwl

    Awesome Bill, lets hope someone was listening!

  • Ironhorse

    Ignorant people cant fathom what Bill has just said. Blacks have hung on to the past and held it against whites since I can remember. Negroes pull out the race card anytime . They think their is power behind killings of white on blacks . Trayvon is just a political move , has anyone noticed how the media has lightend up on all the scandals going on in Washington. This Trayvon crap was just a deversion . When the DOJ gets involved you know theres something crooked behind it. When is Holder going to jail is what I want to know.

  • Rudbeckia

    WOW!! So true. This is powerful stuff. Hope THEY can manage to find 8 minutes of time to watch this.

  • Colin Nelson

    Right – he was on Fire! It was huge and wonderful to see truth clear, and unbending on the touchy issue of race and the complete lack of leadership within the black community aimed towards helping blacks as opposed to blaming everybody and everything for the current malaise facing black Americans

  • Joy Leppin

    BRAVO, and again I say BRAVO, Bill O’Reilly.

  • Gary

    This is what O’Reilly has needed to do for the past 4+ years. He was great when he went on the attack against Obozo and his use of Acorn and SEIU to fraudulently get elected. He’s spot on again with his views on this program. This is REAL HONESTY when it comes to discussing Race – not the PC Racist BS that Obozo and Holder want to keep force feeding the nation. He’s asking for REAL LEADERSHIP and we all know that we’ll never get it from the Commie Dictator. All he’s known is how to cheat the system and be a rabble rouser (aka “Community Organizer”) in the ghettos. I hope this finally puts that POS on the defensive and makes him lose a lot of Dem seats in 2014!

  • cougar76

    Years ago a famous black man, Bill Cosby, gave a talk, “We Cannot Blame the White People Any Longer,” in which he said the same things as O’Reilly. Mr. Cosby was castigated by the black community for his comments. We need more Bill Cosbys. Men of color who are willing to stand up and say the black community is being lied to and that the dollar is held in higher regard by their leadership than their very lives.

  • Matt Stinson

    Yes, put blacks in uniforms. This is a great idea! In fact, where have I heard it before? Oh yeah, Nazi Germany! And yes, I totally agree we need to teach sex ed in schools, let’s do this ASAP! Too many young black women are getting pregnant. It’s all your fault Hollywood. We’re here to censor you! Yay freedom!


      I’m sure he meant SCHOOL uniforms for EVERYONE! As he said…young black and white men DO need to learn to dress properly if they don’t want people scared of them! I would not want to be on an elevator with a gangsta look-alike – white or black!!

      • Matt Stinson

        I wonder who decides what proper is? I think almost everyone in America owns a hoodie. Judging someone by how they look is a bad way for one to go about their daily life, don’t you think? The “gangsta look-alike” might be a volunteer at your local food kitchen, while a man in a three piece suit might be a coke snorting, Wall Street junior exec looking to fleece a nice middle class family out of their savings on a rigged investment opportunity. Or, for the conservatives out there, he might look like (oh no!) Obama, AKA the antichrist!! I think blaming crime on entertainment and clothing is the easy way out of having to seriously address the issue, especially when you put Hollywood on the list of scapegoats above poor education and lack of jobs.

        • SHIRLEY

          Did you listen to the video? That was just a couple of the reasons! You cannot dispute numbers – that is a FACT! Yes, Hollywood DOES pigeonhole most black programs, and the rappers… idolized!! Teen unwed mothers…what 73% of black babies to unwed mothers? If you cannot see the TRUTH in what Bill O’reilley said – then you are living in another world! Poor education? Why? They have the SAME opportunity for education as anyone (actually with Special programs, etc…MORE opportunity)! No job? Why? because they didn’t take advantage of the education they could have had? Perhaps because of the undisputable CRIME committed by blacks – an employer just might not want to hire one….OR it could be because they are in a hoodie with 1/2 of their underwear showing (blacks and whites)…lots of reasons. What O’reilley was saying is basically…GROW UP!! Itis time for the Black “leaders” to quit making excuses and start making progress!

          • Matt Stinson

            You’re absolutely right. 73% of black babies to unwed mothers is a problem. We need as much sex-ed in school as possible and more Planned Parenthoods set up to help distribute free contraception and help these women make better decisions with their bodies. And yeah, people living in poverty, as many blacks do, have all of the opportunities people not in poverty have AND MORE! Hooray! You’re right again, we are living on different planets. I’m a high school English teacher at a school with no money and almost no resources. Please, please don’t trick yourself into believing kids without resources have “MORE opportunity”. And I’m glad jobs isn’t an issue. They’re plentiful as long as you take advantage of your extensive access to education! Obama is really doing it for us, great education for all and tons of jobs! Yay! And for a third time, it is time to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves, not blame things like Hollywood, the media, rap and fashion. And don’t let me catch you wearing a hoodie! Not in my neighborhood! It isn’t proper!

          • SHIRLEY

            I sure hope the part about Obama doing it for us was sarcasm…if so, we’re on the same sheet of music!!

          • Matt Stinson

            The sarcasm was that it hasn’t been done at all. We have glaring problems with our economy, news flash… A big reason that young men turn to real “thug life”, which is not the same as someone dressing gangsta, is that opportunities in the hood and other impoverished areas are few and crime can be a livelihood, especially for those who are poorly educated. But if jobs are plentiful and opportunities abound, I wonder why your avatar says you voted for Romney, who was pledging to fix the economy, which, according to you, is fine?

          • SHIRLEY

            I don’t recall saying the economy is fine nor did I say “jobs are plentiful and opportunities abound” !! ( Actually those were your words) The State of America is dismal…our Country is going downhill FAST! The percentage on welfare is disgraceful, the blatant disregard for the Constitution is totally out of Control…We have someone in office that has no CLUE how to fix anything! THAT is why I voted for Romney – served as Chairman for my county, traveled to different states campaigning… I don’t know how this got so off track – and you are assuming things that were not said seems maybe you are a professional debater?? I simply agree with Bill O’Reilley – tired of all the racist CRAP!

          • Matt Stinson

            “Poor education? Why? They have the SAME opportunity for education as
            anyone (actually with Special programs, etc…MORE opportunity)! No
            job? Why? because they didn’t take advantage of the education they
            could have had? Perhaps because of the undisputable CRIME committed by
            blacks – an employer just might not want to hire one….”

            These are your words. Did I misread? I took it as educational opportunities are everywhere and the only reason they don’t have a job is because they didn’t take advantage. (besides the fact that some blacks commit crimes and so now all blacks have a hard time getting hired – which I’m sure we can agree shouldn’t be the case ((profiling is bad, right?))) Therefore, there are jobs out there and it’s easy to get educated. Cool, sounds like the economy is roaring. Aren’t those two of the major indicators, if not THE two big indicators of a strong economy? Did I go too far? I’m tired of the racist crap too, like profiling someone for how they look/dress.

            Also, I’m from metro Detroit… did you know the illiteracy rate in Detroit is 47% and over the last decade 100+ schools have been forced to close due to budgetary concerns? I guess the people just aren’t taking advantage of the incredible slew of opportunities they have! Grow up.

          • SHIRLEY

            None of the above INDICATED that jobs are plentiful…I’m sure you know what I was talking about…all of the “special programs” to help educate blacks like Predominantly Black Institutions Program – Formula Grants, United Negro College Fund, Head Start and, EEO, etc. so “lack of education” should not be a problem – it is there for everyone! O’Reilley covered that quite well…so many children without Fathers or normal home life! I do not see how you relate this to “the economy is roaring”…did I say that? How someone “dresses” has everything to do with their success…is that profiling – yes, I suppose so. If you interviewed 2 people (equally qualified), one looked clean and dressed neat vs one who’s underwear was showing and they had tattoos and wearing their cap backward – which would you hire? Common sense dictates. Detroit? Yes, a BIG problem – because a bunch of liberals were mis-managing everything. This is my LAST correspondence with you – I do not like things I say taken out of context to provide someone with “arguing” points…..You have a nice life and I sincerely hope the plague that has hit Detroit leaves you unscathed.

          • drtevans

            The answer is stop paying blacks to bred like rabbits. The more kids they have the larger the check. cut off funds and the little sluts will keep their pants on

          • Matt Stinson

            ^ I agree across board for less children. We have people pushing for us to out breed Asian and Muslim countries, but I think we need the Dugger families of the world to quit being so selfish. Less people = a better, more functional economy. Now, saying that we pay blacks to breed and that young black women are just little sluts – that’s rude and awful and exactly what I’d expect here.

    • Northwestdad

      Matt, hope you didn’t hurt yourself with that amazing leap. School uniforms and Nazis yikes. My grandson’s grade school was a math and science magnet school where the kids were required to wear school t-shirts (different color for each day) but I don’t recall seeing them goose stepping through the halls.

      • Matt Stinson

        It’s a reply as absurd as the cure being offered by Mr. O’Reilly, which is why I made it. We need to put these kids in uniforms!! How about maybe we don’t need to judge people for what they choose to wear. Clothing does not make the man, is the point.

        • Nortwestdad

          That may be true Matt but your outward appearance can influence others perception of you. My granddaughter’s boyfriend was looking for a job in what is primarily a resort town. I told him to get the piercings out of his face before he went in for interviews. He still got rejected because he has those god awful plastic rings in his ear lobes (gauges?). Finally got a job washing dishes at Denny’s on the night shift. I like the kid a lot but would not have hired him to work in my sandwich shop. I think O’Reilly’s point was teach the kids a little awareness, respect and self discipline.


    FINALLY…the truth! WTG Bill!! Any way we can get this to Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, black entertainers, etc.?

  • Northwestdad

    O’Reilly is an arrogant ass but this is one of his best talking point memos ever. Unfortunately our president and his party would rather have an issue than solutions. Community organizing isn’t about solving problems it’s about riling people up and demanding “action” that does nothing for anyone but the politicians who profit from hate and division.

    • Matt Stinson

      Isn’t O’Reilly demanding “action” from others, offering no solutions, blaming other people (like the media – which he is a part of, maybe he forgot) and riling people up? Listen to his passion!

      • Northwestdad

        Matt, I heard several solutions from O’Reilly but they would require two things: 1. people taking personal responsibility and 2. telling the truth. Most adults who find themselves in bad situations are there because they made bad decisions. Like dropping out of school, having children before they are able to take care of them, using drugs or selling drugs but the worst decision is sitting on your ass waiting for someone to come along and save you. I think the difference between what O’Reilly says and what our president says is the basic difference between liberals and conservatives. Conservatives believe in self reliance liberals believe most of us can’t take care of ourselves so the government should do it for us. I’m not saying either is absolute but those are the basic philosophies to the two sides. The people I heard O’Reilly attack are the race baiters, drug dealers and politicians who tell people their problems are due to the actions of others and their only option is to demand action from the “others”.

  • Eyewitness Clues

    A black man says these things, they’ll call him “Uncle Tom.”

    A white man says these things, they call him “racist.”

    Facts are facts. No amount of name-calling will change them.

  • vince C

    Before I listened to O’Reilly, he was OK. After this – I will pay better attention to him. He totally nailed it. There is no argument – he told the truth 100%. Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama have to clean up the mess that they keep trying to deny and protect. Mr. O’Reilly, thank you and I hope that you do not lose your job for telling the truth.

  • awarrior

    Bill’s comments are myopic and misguided and remain pervasive and embedded in the broader social consciousness as evidenced by the overwhelming acceptance within this thread without proper and thorough research and review of the so called factual statistical evidence provided. This red-herring approach is not new.

    What O’Reilly failed to mention is the exacting truth that white Americans are just as likely to be killed by other whites. According to Justice Department statistics (pdf), 84 percent of white people killed every year are killed by other whites. In fact, all races share similar ratios. Yet there’s no outrage or racialized debate about “white on white” violence. Instead, the myth and associated fear of “black on black” crime is sold as a legitimate, mainstream descriptive and becomes American status quo.

    The truth? As the largest racial group, whites commit the majority of crimes in America. In particular, whites are responsible for the vast majority of violent crimes. With respect to aggravated assault, whites led blacks 2-1 in arrests; in forcible-rape cases, whites led all racial and ethnic groups by more than 2-1. And in larceny theft, whites led blacks, again, more than 2-1. Given this mathematical truth, would anyone encourage African Americans to begin shooting suspicious white males in their neighborhoods for fear that they’ll be raped, assaulted or murdered? Perhaps George Zimmerman’s defenders should answer that question. If African Americans were to act as irrationally as Zimmerman did, would any rationale suffice to avoid arrest?

    And why is no consideration given to the fact that Trayvon Martin, and millions of black boys and girls like him, harbor a reasonably founded fear of whites but are hardly ever provided the deference and dignity that victimhood affords?

    The term “black on black” crime is a destructive, racialized colloquialism that perpetuates an idea that blacks are somehow more prone to violence. This is untrue and fully verifiable by FBI, DOJ and census (pdf) data. Yet the fallacy is so fixed that even African Americans have come to believe it. (In-depth study) by ~Edward Wyckoff Williams~

    • Brian

      First There are a couple issues with your comment. First, if you check into it, there have been cases where a black man killed a white kid and the black man was either not brought to trial or was found not guilty because it was self defense. There was one in New York about three years ago that has been making the rounds on facebook. In that case, the white kid charged the shooter after shots had been fired as a warning. When he charged, he was shot and it was determined to be self defense. There was no public uprising with vigils around the country calling for the justice department to investigate because the victim was denied his civil rights. That is because the ‘victim’ was in the middle of breaking into a car and committing a crime. Now you may say Trayvon was not committing a crime. This is only partially correct. He was not committing a crime when he was walking home. But the minute he jumped Mr. Zimmerman, it became a crime. As for your comment about whether black kids should be encouraged to shoot suspicious white men, I would say that if they jump you and start beating your head on the ground, go for it. That is the definition of self defense. To insinuate they should go out looking for suspicious whites to shoot is ridiculous (Zimmerman did not go out looking for suspicious black men to shoot, he carried his gun for protection and only used it after he was attacked). In the earlier example, it is my understanding he shot before being attacked (as a warning) and then he was not actually attacked because the kid was shot during his charge. Don’t get me wrong, Zimmerman made some mistakes (he should have just called the police from his truck and then stayed put). But so did Trayvon. I have thought someone was following me, when I was walking home from work (at age 17). I then ran home and got inside. Trayvon was carrying a cell phone. He called his girlfriend to talk about the man following him. Why didn’t he call 911 and say there is a man following him instead of jumping Mr. Zimmerman. You are accurate that most crimes within any race are commited by members of the same race. I can tell you that I have crossed the street when a person in a hoodie was approaching. It had nothing to do with race. It was because they looked to be suspicious in my mind. I have also crossed when I saw someone dressed extremely goth with a large number of piercings. They are not like me, so I am uncomfortable and suspicious (mostly because all I see on the news is stories about crimes being committed). If I am alone, I am suspicious. If I see anyone in my neighborhood who I do not recognize, I am suspicious. This is human nature. It is not a quetion of race. Unfortunately, Sharpton and his folks make it about race everytime.

      • awarrior

        I’m not a Sharpton fan and I’m not on the race train. I have black and white in my own family so I do have an interest in fairness. Most of what you said is unbiased and somewhat considerate except you are assuming Trayvon attacked Zimmerman which could very well be a faulty assessment. If you paid attention to the trial there’s actually no evidence of that other then GZ’s word; and that’s not sufficient enough for me given all of the circumstances. No 17 year old kid in their right mind doubles back on a suspicious man and attacks him having not a clue who this guy is or what he may be carrying. So I don’t buy the Trayvon attack at all. The more accurate probability is that the wanna-be-cop cut TM off at the cross and tried to detain him without identifying himself which he clearly stated in his deposition. This would have occurred right after he told the dispatcher to ask the police to call his cell phone and he would tell them where to find him. There were also no bushes in sight which he claimed TM came out of. The other issue I have your comment is that you accuse me of insinuating that blacks go out and start shooting whites. You’re emotions may have overridden the proper context of what was stated, perhaps you should revisit what I wrote and rethink your position. Everything else you said I pretty much agree with. I don’t think you’re claiming blindness to actual racism in America because that would be absurd on your part. However in this particular case it may not be a matter of black or white but it is a matter of wrong or right. And in my opinion, George Zimmerman was clearly wrong.

    • srsanbo

      What a very eloquently worded, intelligent pile of opinions you have.

      • awarrior

        And what a poorly worded, UN-elegant pile of the other stuff you have.

  • fairenough

    Wow! Too bad white liberals and Obama feel black people are stupid. This is why they push food stamps. They don’t believe blacks can make it on their own. Good for you Bill, you let them know that they can.

  • drtevans

    Finally someone has told it like it is. I bet this will never be main stream but then obama is nothing but a hustler and a street thug so he is right at home with the gutter scum of blacks rioting and moaning

    White people follow Oreilly’s example and start telling it like it is often and loudly

    • itsstillaliveinamerica

      Please explain to me how an educated mixed race president is a hustler and street thug…I would love to hear your explanation on this.

  • Maggie

    Bill hit the nail on the head…if the black community really wants to decrease the perception of black men in this country they need to take advantage of the opportunities available to them…at no cost. Education & a strong supportive family is what helps everybody…white, black, Hispanic or Asian. Bill gave real solutions to turning things around for everyone. You can’t continue to blame the sins of the past for the sins of the present. Blacks should have the exact same opportunities as whites or any race…the question is will they take advantage of them? Crime pays young black men more money then any job they could get without and education. Jobs are scarce these days even for those who are highly educated. Hollywood has embraced the ‘thug’ lifestyle by promoting songs that degrade woman and idolize violence…how do we think a young & impressionable boy is going to view that kind of attitude & behavior?

    We have to start somewhere…and I believe it starts with family first. Education is equally important & a good role model only strengthens a young person’s perception of his abilities & worthiness. Every single child deserves the same advantages…regardless of their color. But if the gov’t is giving excuses instead of solutions…that only tells me it’s a political decision. They don’t truly care about these kids…they just want the votes.

    Bill you said what every white person in America would like to say…but can’t. Thanks for putting it out there and making it ‘loud & clear’.

  • awarrior

    “Bill O’Reilly exists in America for a reason, the same way certain bacteria can only survive in a moldy refrigerator. He thrives in American media because O’Reilly is a living manifestation of every angry, uneducated racist in our country. He connects to the misguided white people and a select few brainwashed (want-to-be white–black people). There are a lot of angry, ignorant, arrogant Americans in this country, and those are the people who tune into Fox News.”

    • nwoslave1984

      truly you are nothing more than an excuse maker. how much money do you make off of continuing the false narrative of racism in america?

      • awarrior

        No racism in America huh? So which one are you…brainwashed or misguided?

        • nwoslave1984

          i didnt say there was no racism but rather every critisim of any black person inluding the president is viewed at most out right racism and at worst some subconscience racism. because i know for a fact it is taught by some black people to their children that ALL white people are racist. that is the narrative i am speaking about. i would imagine people like you that are SO capable of detecting minutia of racism you would be able to extrapolate the meaning of my vauge terminology.

          • awarrior

            I’m overly flabbergasted at how most white folks have suddenly become good evaluators of when racism is operating and when it is not. And that peolple of color who have always been on the receiving end have suddenly lost their minds and become incapable of intuiting their own lived experience. smdh. I think you’re viewing racism and criticism in a singular prism, considering there are many progressive blacks and some poor blacks that criticize the president and don’t agree with him as well. In-so-far as racism against him, I would suggest you measure that liberally and conservatively against the treatment of and cooperation with all of the presidents that have gone before him. That would be a good start. I don’t agree with his policies nor did I vote for him but that doesn’t mean he can’t speak some truth in regards to some issues including race. And there’s no need to talk about subconscious racism unless your willing to understand and accept its complete historical and psychological concepts which overwhelmingly and predominantly involves white people. So if you know for a fact that some blacks teach that “all” whites are racist, then you should also know the flip side of that coin. You can’t pigeon hole “all” black people based on isolated examples, which is what most people on this thread are guilty of doing. That would be like me saying I know for a fact that some whites are skin heads, or KKK, or some corporate whites are economic supremacist who exploit minority labor and would never fairly share the wealth with people of color; which is all true but doesn’t indict all of the other decent whites of this society. So yes, even as good as I am, your terminology is very vague indeed. So next time do your readers a favor and make it plain.

  • Snarky McGurk

    At the heart, the heart, of the problem is the basic fact that races differ in their innate abilities in a way that will affect the outcome (performance, achievement) in a system that provide equal (equal, not subsidized) opportunity. Unless the difference is acknowledged as a scientific reality, which it is, there will always be accusations of oppression. Instead of vilifying people with guts to state the truth, like James Watson, we need to support those who stand up for the truth. As has been said, “truth, the new hate speech.” Very true.

  • Christopher Mooney

    What O’Reilly is saying is that black people deserve to be racially profiled, as a % of their community are criminals………

    You know, to cut a long story short, it’s just good old fashioned racism.

  • Christopher Mooney

    Martin Luther King spent a lot of his time saying people should be judged, individually, by what’s in their hearts. Not by the colour of their skin.

    Bill O’Reilly disagrees

  • Bob

    Wow! That was right on! Thank you!!!

  • itsstillaliveinamerica

    wow is all i have to say… the race card is pulled b/c it has to be pulled from time to time… honestly until another person has had the chance to truly walk in anothers shoes they cannot speak on what they do not know… and trust and believe i have seen it from both sides both black and white as I am in the middle and I considers myself not one or the other…speak of only what you know O’Reilly. SMDH

  • rudeboi

    Isn’t this race baiting as well?

    Look, most of you people have NOT ONE CLUE ABOUT ANYONE BLACK, but you all seem to have the answers.

    Pass this along to the rest of your willfully ignorant bredren: White people have got about us much room to speak on Black issues as Blacks have to speak on white issues. You people put up a really good front, because most of that work is done for you by your media. But I know first hand, all that shininess we see when we look in your direction is mostly BS. You people have the same problem as the rest. You’re alcoholics, you pop pills like candy, your children hate you, you can’t wait for your spouse to leave everyday just because you hate him/her. The money doesn’t go as far as it use to, and that’s is very scary to a materialistic people you have become. Your husband can’t decide if he’s gay or straight and you want to cheat so bad you can actually taste it. You’re ate up with envy at the thought of your friend having two dollars more than you. And speaking of friends, you don’t really have any do you? You saw the way she was looking at your husband. Your mother or father is getting sick and will soon have to come and live with you, but you dread that like a coming storm.

    So please, mind your business, you have plenty.

  • rudeboi

    Also, while you people good white people of these Crooked States of Merika sit back on your high horses tossing stones, we are all getting screwed. So come down from on high and join us, we can hang together or we can hang alone, but either way they have plenty of rope.

    And another thing; everybody that knows a Black person personally raise your hand. When you comment you are suppose to comment from a place of knowing.

  • rudeboi

    I have been asking this question for a long time, and not one person has been able to answer it for me. I’ll give you people a shot.

    Why is it that you people don’t believe nothing the government says, until the government says something you believe?

    And I’ll leave you up standing “citizens” with this, and this is from one of your very own.

    “lies, damn lies and statics”

  • Harry

    How come Bill or his staff doesn’t do their research? Just Google Obama and Black Fatherhood and you will see lots of article about Obama addressing the issue of absent fathers and kids out of wedlock. You will even see an article from Ebony Magazine criticising him for taking a hard line.

    Bill has some valid points, but but he is so anxious to criticise Obama and others, he misses several other issues that need to be addressed, not the least of which is why to do so many young black men make the choice to turn to crime?

    Ultimately Bill comes across as such a hack, you can’t take him seriously. Which is too bad, The necessary conversation includes many of the points he makes.

  • ThomasADurkin

    O’Reilly could not be more on target with this editorial message but what to do ?

    When we have a president who continues to polarize our country with his personal and slanted views aimed directly at an already misguided black community there is little or no hope in efforts to heal and move forward.

    The only clear fact in the Martin / Zimmerman case is an innocent verdict on all charges before the court.Now let’s move forward in a healing and intelligent dialogue……… not with the likes of Sharpton running around with his vitriolic diatribes aided by our president, ag, leftist mouthpieces in congress and media.

    Never an O’Reilly sycophant I personally take umbrage at the the thought that we need someone to explain and opine on this matter and too much more.

  • mary

    God Bless you, O’Reilly. I taught middle school for 45 years. Everything that you have said it 100% true. How many of our African-America kids could have done so much better and only followed up with friends on Drugs in the streets. Our only hope is that those that they emulate, help them out of this downward cycle. Schools even overlook the suspendible offensives because too many black students have been suspended already. The cycle continues!