Charles Payne: Obama Would Love to See Civil Unrest in This Country Very Much Like the Arab Spring

Wow Charles Payne showing a side of him I don’t think I have seen before! He tore into Darth Hussein’s radical economic and social policies on entitlements and economic equality. Payne was calling him out on his true agenda to tear this country apart.

Payne broke down a lot of facts, in response to Darth Hussein’s recent economic speech, about the entitlement society where one can only conclude his majesty is stoking the flames between the classes. When the discussion moved to social tension rising up as a result of economic inequality (marxist language) this is when Payne said he believes “In my mind and I hate to say this but I think Pres. Obama would love to see civil unrest in this country, very much like the arab spring… I think what he is trying to do is sort of spark this revolution against the wealthy, against the 1% who are holding us back, who are hoarding this money…”

This machine that is being built, that’s partially completed is operational. We are seeing examples all the time but civil unrest is the key to complete takeover! Fundamental transformation cannot be completed without violence in the streets.