Judge Pirro Weighs in on Zimmerman Trial: Prosecution Did Not Prove Murder in the Second Degree

Judge Pirro weighed in on several issues revolving around the Zimmerman trial which has the nation by the throat no thanks to the race hustlers like Jesse Jackson. She comments about Jackson’s turning the other cheek calling for peace…


Judge Jeanine also took some great shots at the emperor when a clip from Carnival Carney is played about his majesty not watching the case. Surprisingly Pirro gave Judge Nelson a pass for her conduct toward defense attorneys the other night.

In her opinion she states the prosecution did not prove race was an issue and they did not prove Zimmerman committed murder in the second degree.

Just a FYI I’m with Mark Levin on the absurdity of the coverage on this trial, but what I try to keep eyes on is the racial component and how the powers that be manipulate it to divide the country.