Protests Against Zimmerman Verdict Taking Anti-Capitalism Turn

Ya know this all sure sounds like Occupy tactics and targets to me! I am willing to bet Occuturd activists have imbedded themselves in all of these Trayvon protest groups. These rioters are getting their marching orders from somewhere do we know where and by whom yet (besides the race hustlers)? These are the same people I can tell you do not know the facts of the trial.

Aside from Stevie Wonder (like anyone cares) who else is calling for boycotts against Florida? Do those calling for boycotts really think hurting businesses, banks, restaurants etc will change gun laws, especially one which wasn’t even at issue in this case? Is what they are doing not considered terrorism? Don’t hold your breath for the DOJ to do anything when we know they were/ are(?) backing these protests. What this all comes down to is one larger plan to 1) open the door to go after guns again and 2) divide this nation with everyone at each others throats!