Wayne Rogers: Detroit Bankruptcy is a Warning Sign of America’s Fate

A once industrial giant leveled, like Hoenig says, by progressive policies and parasite unions. Wayne “Trapper John” Rogers nails it by warning Detroit is a “microcosm of what can happen to America”. By the numbers and states already going under I’d say we are well on our way.

In typical fashion Jehmu Greene points the finger of blame, after saying she wouldn’t, at corporations getting corporate tax welfare. She left out it was all democrats and city government crooks who sucked that Detroit dry, then taxed and regulated the city right into the ground. Progressives like Greene want you to believe the corporate tax welfare was the cause of the cities demise. It was the politicians who did it. Yes they did give favors out to corporations but that isn’t the cause for the bankruptcy. If the corporations are the cause then why is it when these companies relocated to other states the cities they now reside in haven’t gone bankrupt? Are the evil corporations responsible for the 41% rate in illiteracy too?

Ask Jehmu that one and I guarantee you won’t get a straight answer! This is just another example of class warfare by a radical. She is incapable of understanding progressives ran businesses out of Detroit because they can never do wrong.

Detroit is a perfect example of what happens when you give progressives total control for 50+ years. California is on its way and when that goes so does the US!