400 Tons of Weapons Sent to Insurgents in Syria Through Turkey…

…via Libya!?

Stevens dragged through BenghaziCompliments of the Obama administration via the arms trade network established, maintained & run and continued during & after his death Amb Chris Stevens! A shipment of arms from Libya to Turkey is suggested but unconfirmed “what I don’t know is that there is currently a shipment going from Libya filled with arms headed to the insurgents. The name of the ship is Al Entisar”. Take note this ISN’T the first time we have heard this ship mentioned; it was reported on October 2012 following the Benghazi attack! Here we are a year later hearing this ship mentioned again!

IMO Stevens was the target of the 9/11/12 Benghazi attack. Now you know why Stevens was left for dead along with Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Ty Woods who were considered expendable. On 9/11/12 prior to the attack Stevens met with the Turkish General Consul, who is alleged to have ties with rebels and terror organizations in Syria! Those in the know the “dozens of CIA operatives on the ground” as reported by CNN have been silenced or as Rep Gowdy stated their names changed and hidden around the world!

The puzzle pieces are coming together easily now folks! Is it not obvious by now of the arms deal and gun running into the middle east?! How much more do leaders in DC need to see and hear to start investigations into this administration?

Sooner or later the truth will come out, but we need solid evidence to tie Benghazi to this administration.

“Weapons sent to insurgents in Syria through Turkey”
…Historian Hasan Bogun told Press TV that the news could be a fabrication aimed at helping the militants in what he called a psychological warfare. He also said it may be factual because Turkey’s ruling AK Party has financed and helped the insurgents before.

Analysts believe this could be a tactic used by the West and its allies in the region before resorting to any type of ground invasion, as they have been sternly warned by Syria that any US-led invasion into the country would be no picnic…

Ankara denies arms shipment to Syria via Turkey
Hürriyet Daily News
A senior Turkish diplomat has strictly denied a news report that cited a Syrian rebel operative as saying that 400 tons of arms have been sent into Syria from Turkey.

“As has been the case with similar news reports in the past, this claim is definitely not true,”…
…A senior officer in the Gulf and Western backed Supreme Military Council, an umbrella group for rebel units, confirmed the shipment, and said that weapons airlifts into Turkey have increased since rebel held Sunni Muslim neighbourhood and suburbs of Damascus were gassed last week…

Large arms shipment reaches Syrian rebels
By Khaled Yacoub Oweis
AMMAN (Reuters)
– Gulf-based supporters have sent a 400-ton shipment of arms to Syria’s outgunned rebels, one of the biggest to reach them in their two-year-old uprising, opposition sources said on Sunday.

The consignment – mostly ammunition for shoulder-fired weapons and anti-aircraft machine guns – came into northern Syria via the Turkish province of Hatay in the past 24 hours, and was already being handed out, the sources added….