Dennis Kucinich: Obama Risks Impeachment If He Acts Against Syria Without Congressional Approval

“I, I, I, me, me, me, my, my, my” is all that comes out of the emperors mouth. It’s all about him you see and that’s why obama believes he can go around Congress anytime he wants. This mess with Syria is not our fight but because Darth Hussein ran his big mouth last year about “red lines” he now feels that he has to strike Syria otherwise he looks weak to the radicals in the middle east.

Dennis Kucinich like some libs has a moment of clarity when he says ‘…it’s not “I” the President, it’s we the people of United States who formed the Constitution’. The Constitutional Attorney/ Professor/ President needs to be reminded that which he studied, taught and swore an oath to defend clearly states under Article 1 Sec 8 “Congress shall have the power… To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal…”. Like most of the Constitution, written by geniuses, this power is delegated to Congress NOT the President; it is clear concise and to the point!

No one is in favor of a strike against Syria, it does not fall within the War Powers Act either! There is no general or imminent threat to the US. Anyone arguing otherwise is making a desperate reach to suggest the chemical weapons might fall in terrorists hands and someday be used against America or her allies/ interests.

If the president does in fact order such strike it is our job to FORCE Congress to begin the impeachment process. There is no dark area or anything to interpret the law is the law. We are a nation of rules and laws not men!