Harry Reid Compares TEA Party to Anarchists Who Started WWI

This guy is such a low-life! What kind of person calls themselves a leader and speaks like this about American citizens? What the hell is wrong with this country to sit by allowing this degenerate to stay in power? All these problems we are dealing with this man is partly responsible.

This creature wouldn’t know history if it smacked him in the face! There is no comparison between anarchists and the TEA party. Better yet where is the proof of violence committed by the modern anarchists aka TEA party? Last time I checked the TEA party as well as conservatives believe in small government no one has ever said anything about no government. Reid once again is spewing outright lies better yet PROPAGANDA and there is no one challenging this miserable SOB!

I’m telling you folks Reid is probably one of the most dangerous men in this country! All you people in Nevada this is YOUR fault! Election after election you have allowed him to stay in power. Tell America how better off you are having him represent you?! I think it’s about time for a boycott on Nevada! Maybe when you all start feeling the pain for leaving this monster in office you will get the hint and throw him out in the next election!