Harry Reid Reveals Democrats’ Plan to Implement Single Payer

How does it feel to know Harry Reid will be at the helm of running how you get your medical care? No he of course won’t directly but the death panels will be run by those in the bureaucracy he and the progressives will oversee! The master plan is unfolding so that one day George Bernard Shaw’s dream will be a reality…

We are so screwed if obamacare isn’t stopped in September. Myself and countless others have warned since the imperial emperor seized power the end goal in healthcare is single payer.

Aside from destroying the best healthcare on the planet obamacare will destroy our economy.

One last thing take note the language used in the warnings about obamacare from 09 to date is the same language being used about immigration reform. O-care is proof immigration reform will blow up in our faces too should it be permitted to pass in ANY form!