Krauthammer: Obama’s “Limited, Narrow” Strike on Syria Could Become a “Major Regional War”

Could become a regional war!? Could! You can bank on a regional war WHEN Barry fires a shot at them. What he is doing is like walking up to a hornets nest and whacking it with a bat! Everyone in that region is on edge and all it will take is a stupid move by a petulant child trying to look tough to start a big fight.

Syria is an extension of Iran. Iranians are in bed with the Russians and Chinese, raise your hand if you think Barry taking a shot at Syria will be shrugged off? The Iranians are testing the waters to see how far the US will go and how far they can get. The Egyptians are still at too that entire region is a powder keg, if soetoro goes against the will of Americans and our allies (whats left of them) taking unilateral action there is a high probability it will start a regional war. You have to remember the end goal is the rebirth of the caliphate and to get there blood must be spilled. The islamic radicals want war and lil’Barry is about to light the match!

US needs to back off, this is not our fight. Security needs to be heavily beefed up at our embassies and try to keep the peace. Let the Syrians duke it out, if Al Qaeda rises from it then in time they will be dealt with.