Michelle Malkin Slams Marco Rubio For Backing ‘Tyrant’ Obama’s Immigration Plan

Folks in Florida better be looking for a primary challenger for Rubio. He cannot be allowed another term in the Senate.

Rubio is using the logic of a 5 year old in pushing his disasterous immigration bill. We have to grant amnesty to 11 million or the imperial emperor will do it on his own! Sorry last time I checked Congress (Senate & House) are the Legislative branch of government responsible for creating laws not the Executive Branch. I don’t know if Mark Levin put it in his book but we need an amendment to the Constitution that limit the power of Presidential Executive Orders. From what I understand EO’s were meant to only apply to the Executive branch not become the law of the land. I can’t see the Founders being in favor of what we are seeing today by executive fiat… I mean they went to war with a tyrant and Washington didn’t want to be king!