Rand Paul: If John Boehner Passes Rubiocare, “That Will Be the Final Thing He Does as Speaker”

John Boehner is playing games with our lives to stay in power. He is the main problem in DC and has to go regardless of what happens! I hope folks have taken notice how quiet things have been on immigration reform. Barely any talk of it and that tells me trouble is coming. There really haven’t been a wave of town hall videos in general let alone on immigration. This tells me the SOB’s are making deals behind closed doors!

Nothing can be permitted to be voted on let alone allowed to go to conference because it will result in amnesty. If Chuck Schumer is giving his blessing you can be sure it will screw us all! The only immigration bill we the people want to see is one that locks the border down, puts a halt on the visa program figuring out who is and isn’t suppose to be here under it, and will penalize anyone not enforcing the laws on the books… for a start.

Let’s get some heavy fines and penalties in place and start throwing the enablers of illegal immigration in jail. How about making life impossible for an illegal to function in America that they will pack up and leave on their own?! If you do that then the whole debate about what we will do with 11 million goes away they self deport. Get rid of the bi-lingual signs everywhere, stop offering to “press #1 for English”. If we can get businesses and property owners to stop catering to illegals they will leave!