Rubio: If Congress Does Nothing on Immigration Obama Will Legalize 11 Million People by Executive Order

“If nothing happens in congress, he (Obama) will be tempted to issue an Executive Order, like he did for the DREAM Act kids a year ago, where he basically legalizes 11 million people by the sign of a pen.”

Hey Marco you went over that sarcastic grocery list of an “immigration plan” that those things you list are what we are doing today but you left out one major bullet point! You left out all those things happening are a result of Congress not enforcing the laws on the books to keep illegals out in the first place! Here is a thought genius, how about you guys that WORK FOR US secure.. no lockdown the border, put the breaks to the visa program until you figure who is here and who shouldn’t and then enforce the laws on the books. While you’re at it why not put some nasty teeth into the existing laws to punish anyone or business who is an enabler of illegals aliens and see how that goes before you put the final nails in the US.

That makes too much sense of course and doesn’t go along with your fear mongering of the imperial emperor using his magic pen. So your logic is pass amnesty otherwise Obama will! How about you guys in DC get a set and put a stop to the Executive Orders which were NEVER meant to become law of the land! FYI genius the Legislative branch aka the Senate & House make laws not the dope occupying the oval office! But what do I know, we are just servants to you progressives right!