Rush: Left React to Obama Rodeo Clown as Though ‘Religious Sacrilege That Took Place’

The best way to combat the radical left on this ridiculous story is to use the excuse they use 24/7. It’s comedy, the clown.. CLOWN is a comedian that’s what he does! How many times have you heard the left use similar lines to defend their offensive even vile comments. Chris Rock, Bill “PIG” Maher etc etc all use “I’m a comedian, this is how I talk” excuse. Since when is a CLOWN now deemed offensive… it’s in their very nature to amuse and offend people! I’m not even going to get into all the mockery made of every single president. This is political correctness out of control.

All you lefty loons better get it through your thick skull very soon that obama is not a god. You will learn the hard way when WHEN he turns on you! The attacks against the rodeo clown Tuffy Gessling are racist in nature. Once again America you allow the race hustlers to control the narrative. Turn it around and attack them, start calling them racists. Call them out as racists for calling the emperor a black man when he is in fact half white! They are ALL racists completely dismissing his white half, the same white half that raised him unlike his black father who abandoned him!