Sen McCain Immigration Bill is ’10 Year Path to a Greencard’

Fines, fees and penalties to be paid! Enormous long path to citizenship! Anyone who believes this load of bull!@#$ raise your hand I have some land I’d like to sell you in the middle east! Illegals have no money as it is, they wont come out of the shadows and put themselves on the hook. They will stay put continue life as usual in that respect or won’t pay but continue to benefit off of our country. This is the reality of what will really happen!

What you are hearing today is the same talk that was sold to the country in 1986. Flake is a flake if he thinks this bill is different. Reagan believed Congress and then after he signed their AMNESTY bill nothing happened. History is repeating itself do not listen to these RINOs. NO ILLEGAL ALIEN reform bill can be permitted onto the House floor. It’s been suggested they will try to piece-mail one through too, tell Congress NO on any bill and to start enforcing the laws already on the books.