Sen Schumer: Pathway to Citizenship Will Happen

Radical progressives (dem & rep) are going to ram through ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty silly ‘mericans whether you like it or not! They need to build a permanent dependent entitlement voting class to stay in power indefinitely! This guy is lying through his teeth I doubt with the current state of our economy people are coming out in support of allowing 11million+ poorly educated and skilled amnesty who WILL drain the system. Take note Chuckles cited our true enemy Boehner as the one who will make it happen. John Boehner is a progressive, he has made a deal with Darth Hussein on immigration and MUST be removed from power

All you republicants in the House listening to this certified destroyer of the Republic going along with this amnesty bill will be removed from power and I would hope will live a life under constant scrutiny. It’s time we the people adopt the “Scarlet Letter” mentality isolating people in public, shaming them. Time to stop playing nice AmeriKa!