Sen Feinstein to DHS: Stop Enforcing Immigration Law

illegal aliens middle fingerFeinstein made a request to Sec Napolitano following concern Feinstein received from CA farmers whose businesses would be affected over I-9 audits.

“Many farmers and growers in California informed me that their business and livelihood are at risk due to a shortage of legal harvesters, pickers, pruners, packers, and farm workers. As you can imagine, with approximately 81,000 farms in California, I am very concerned that these audits will result in significant harm to the agricultural industry and the state’s overall economy…
… “I respectfully suggest that you adopt a policy of exercising prosecutorial discretion to defer enforcement against agricultural employers and workers, and concentrate instead on removing those who would and have harmed our society, rather than those who contribute to our vital agricultural economy and heritage, and the safe and high-quality food supply that benefits all Americans.”

So what Feinstein is doing is enabling the enablers of illegal immigration and since ICE isn’t enforcing the law why should any other agency!

There has got to be a way to get to the people who live in these corrupt politicians districts to figure out the hot button that would make them so angry they would recall these SOBs like FrankenFeinstein?! Just about all of Congress acts outside the law when it suits them and then they do a complete 180 and push the law in the same respect. I think lighting a stick of dynamite under constituents asses wouldn’t wake them up to the outright tyranny taking place in this country.

America you are going to learn your lesson the hard way the longer you leave criminals like Feinstein in power.

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Senator Feinstein to Homeland Security: Stop Enforcing Immigration Law
by Jessica Zuckerman | The Foundry/Heritage
…For the second year in a row, however, farmers report experiencing shortages in workers. Many factors are likely at play here, including increased economic opportunity in Mexico and the resurgence of the construction industry in the U.S. Senator Feinstein, however, seems to place the blame almost solely on the Obama Administration’s attempts to enforce the law against agricultural workers who are illegal immigrants.

Her solution: stop enforcement. In fact, not only is the Senator calling for the abuse of prosecutorial discretion to benefit agricultural workers in her state, but she was one of the chief authors of portions of the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill that would grant permanent amnesty to agricultural workers across the U.S.

Rather than creating a magnet for trapping low-skilled labor in a cycle of poverty through amnesty for illegal immigrants, the U.S. should take steps that work for both laborers and employers by reforming our legal immigration system. One key component would be building an effective temporary worker program to allow those who seek to come here to work to do so legally and fill important niches in the national workforce. This would supply employers with the employees they need to help grow the economy and create more jobs…more