Dr Ben Carson on Dems Calling For Obamacare Delay: America is Not a Monarchy, Big Egos Are Getting in the Way

Well I guess we know who Dr Carson is referring to when he talks about big egos!! People with big egos in DC are our biggest problem. These progressives think they know what is best for the nation and are ramming their agenda down this our throat. Progressive destroyers know nothing about the healthcare system let alone business/economics 101 to understand how to make it work. The simplest solution to curb healthcare insurance costs would have been to open up the market allowing competition across state lines. Had Congress done that first to see what would happen we wouldn’t be here. Competition always produces the best product and service at a competitive rate.

Look at the tech industry Apple rolls out the iPad, iPhone etc and everyone is trying to create a product that is better at an affordable price. Any product in any industry will have the same result. These dopes in DC would know this if they ever took a business class or at the least ran a lemonade stand!

That said, here is a question: are all the socialists who are now joining in calling for a delay in obamacare arsonists, anarchists, extremists, Klan members and terrorists now that they are on the Ted Cruz bandwagon?

Ted Cruz was right! Everyone who went against him is going to wish they never did. I hope folks are taking names of all the DC dirtbags changing their tune now, they all must go!