Fmr Navy SEAL Ben Smith: “Government is Trying to Provoke Veterans to Do Something”

Ben Smith is right the regime is trying to provoke veterans to do something in retaliation of the mistreatment they receive from this abusive tyrannical regime. Obama and company use the military for political points and then will throw them under the bus without a second thought.

IMO the regime is desperately trying to provoke anyone and everyone at this point who is opposed to the radical progressive agenda are ramming down the nations throat. His majesty since coming to power has been stoking the flames of unrest. He has destroyed race relations, attacked the 2nd Amendment, you have Sheila Jackson Lee calling for Martial Law and the regime is now trying to instigate a global economic collapse over lies of default.

I have looked and maybe I missed them but I have yet to find pics or vids of snipers on the WH roof at the ready during leftist protests. I know there is always a presence but not like what we saw during the Million Vet March. I also don’t recall seeing any vids or images of Marine One darting off during a protest. These actions are not only photo ops to push a lie of an extremist dangerous right but the very presence and acts are provocations.