Howard Dean: Republicans to Blame for Botched Obamacare Rollout

Is this lunatic for real? Dean wants people to believe the republicans are to blame for the utter failure called obamacare! The same bunch of republicans in which not one of them voted the bill into law. The same republicans who tried 40 times to repeal obamacare are no responsible for its failure!? So the delays that really took place this past year are responsible for a law that was passed 4 years in the dark of night behind closed doors on Christmas Eve?! The regime has had 3+ years to prepare not to mention held a super majority when it was passed and it’s the republicans fault for throwing a monkey wrench in the works! WTF!

And you know what kids thesis all the radicals have to do now. Get on air, blame republicans for the obamacare rollout failure cite the times they tried to stop it and tie the delays to the non-event shutdown.

The lunatics are running the asylum, God help us and this country!