Megyn Kelly Interviews ObamaCare’s ‘Architect’, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, on What Went Wrong: Bush’s Fault

This was a pretty tense interview as Kelly hammered Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel on the failures of the emperors signature achievement. I have to say in defense of the republicans when he accused them of having no other solution, what could they do the democrats held a super majority. Even if they had a solution you know Pelosi, Reid and obama would have never entertained it.

The interview wouldn’t be complete without a regime member blaming Bush for obama’s failure. Newsflash George Bush hasn’t been President since Jan 2009. The past is the past he had nothing to do with any of the mess going on right now. I mean while we are at why don’t we go ahead and blame Jefferson and Lincoln!

I was quite disappointed Kelly didn’t hammer Emanuel on the complete lives system aka Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) aka death panels. He continued to spin and make excuses even stating we don’t need to know statistics as to who has signed up because it won’t matter. Well if it doesn’t matter why are they hiding them? Like all members of the regime Emanuel would not answer whether or both someone should be hod accountable for the disaster obamacare has turned into. Why should he care? Obamacare is nothing but deliberate failure to get to single payer! That is when the good Doctors plans will really be implemented!