Ted Cruz: Constitution Under Unprecedented Assault by This Administration

Obama violates the Constitution daily he has no regard for the law. Those who call out these violations are vehemently attacked called racists, bigots, haters etc. Ted Cruz is one of the few left in DC standing by his principles doing the will of the people. Because of that he is under constant attack now by progressives (R’s & D’s). But as he is attacked consider this, he is a representation of the people so when he is attacked so are we!

Obama and most of Congress loath the people of America. They look at us like we are stupid little children who need to be told what to do. As a result of that elitist attitude we are experiencing the unprecedented assault on the Constitution. I believe many in DC share obama’s feelings that the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. It is the only way to explain the constant violations.

These assaults will continue as long as DC doesn’t fear the people. We are living under a soft tyranny and that has to change. We shouldn’t have events scheduled around or on holidays to demonstrate our disapproval of how badly these people are running the country. People also shouldn’t be using the old tactics of phone calls, emails & letters. They know these things are coming they are prepared for them. We need to show up on the Capitol steps in front of the White House and make a presence at these people’s very offices (in DC and local). Our opposition on the left has no problem taking action, they make no excuses and act. So, the question I find myself constantly asking is what are you prepared to do?