Fewer Than 50,000 Signed Up For ObamaCare, If Number Remains Low Premiums Will Be Very High

Wasn’t the emperor and his progressive radicals claiming there were 20-30 million people who WANTED this bill they had to pass in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve behind closed doors? People do not want obamacare is what this means website working or not. But don’t worry America one way or another the regime will hit its goals, because through the regulations imposed on insurance carrier people will be dropped from their plans and they wanted and were told they could keep. Senior citizens will get better policies with pediatric care and single gay men will finally have maternity care!

You ar going to have to get healthcare sooner or later and will have to get onto one of these exchanges. Tax payers will cough up the money for subsidies to cover plans people cannot afford. Policy holders will be hit with higher premiums to cover the difference as well and I can assure you NO ONE will be saving $2500 a year as promised by the Liar in Chief!