Judge Napolitano: Obamacare Exempted by Federal Anti-Kickback Law Opens Door to Bribes and Fraud

“..the law authorizes the Secretary of Health and Human Services to remove the ability of the Justice Department to enforce the anti-kickback law with respect to the delivery of health care services in the United States.”

How convenient obamacare is exempted from the federal anti-kickback law. No one knows about this one and you won’t hear it on any of the networks or news outlets!

Why would this exemption exist in obamacare? Judge Napolitano makes it clear so obama can reward his supporters and PUNISH his enemies. This puts a new perspective as to why so many companies have been silent with the disaster rollout. We know insurance companies are being bullied into silence, well adding this to the list explains why medical device, pharmaceutical etc companies have been quiet!

And who will eventually pay for these kickbacks? YOU! This is just another example of the outright corruption within this administration and the US govt. You can thank the useless Congress for this new surprise buried in the law NO ONE read. Again I will ask the question I have yet to get a straight answer on for over 4 years: