Judge Napolitano on Obamas Unconstitutional Obamacare Fix: This President Thinks He Can Change Things On His Own

The news man understands the law, the Judge obviously understands the law so how is it the Constitutional attorney/ potus doesn’t understand that he does not have the authority to change the law on the fly? Obama can because he is drunk with power as a result of Congress looking the other way not holding him accountable. Little barry is destroying our nation and those we elect to represent us do nothing. One wold hope folks would keep this in mind when they go to the voting booth but voters have demonstrated how quickly they forget.

The changes the emperor does, the more damage he does to the nation by rewriting the laws the closer he brings us to fundamental transformation. Obama is banking on Congress to look the other way as they have done with other administrations, this is all part of the plan to seize power and render Congress irrelevant!