Peter Schiff: Fed is Enriching the Few, at Expense of the Many

Stock market pop is a result of the fed pumping $85 billion a month into the money supply. Ask yourself do you think there would be 100+ million Americans out of work if the economy was really booming? Janet Yellen is going to continue this fed policy of printing money because the fed is out of ideas to resuscitate this dying patient, which they played a role in getting sick in the first place!

The US economy is that patient you see in tv & movies that doctors have used all the drugs and machines they have to keep alive. The moment the drugs and machines aka quantitative easing is cutoff the patient will flatline. A crash is coming we just don’t know when because the fed keeps coming up with these “drugs” to get life back into the economy. The bigger problem is that the US makes nothing, is not the center of the manufacturing world anymore as a result of wealth redistribution, taxes, red tape, unions etc etc. Our one edge on the world is our vast supply of natural resources the power elite refuse to tap. No instead they are buying up all the land rich in resources while enriching nations like Venezuela and Arab states.