Buck Sexton: Will 2014 Be the Year Americans Say Enough is Enough

Obama violating the law almost daily via Executive Orders bypassing Congress, NSA spying on Americans, DOJ abusing its power, IRS being thug enforcers for the imperial regime, Congressmen and women telling you what you want to hear while they do the complete opposite, our civil Bill of Rights under constant attack… when will it be enough?

How much more bending over will you do AmeriKans to this abusive/ intrusive out of control govt until you get up off your asses and start taking action? I’m not talking about sharing Facebook posts & memes or tweeting away. Keyboard Patriotism will not cut it anymore, if you are not “that” guy or girl prepared to what is necessary quit your whining, sit down and be quiet.

As for those of you in the military active & retired I’ll deal with you soon enough because never in my life could I have imagined you would discriminate who is and isn’t a threat/ enemy to this country!