Important Message From a WWII Vet: 90% of Congress ‘Are Traitors to Our Country’

“I feel that our government is trying to break the American people.”
“The most important thing I’ve learned, is to standup for what’s right. If it costs us our life or whatever, if we can’t believe and express ourselves and willing to give ourselves and our lives for what we believe in, then what do we got left? Nothing a total control of us…”
“Germany was taken over because people didn’t take a stand and I see the same thing happening here. We’re all asleep letting our country being taken over by politicians and being destroyed.”

More words of wisdom that could only come from a member of the greatest generation! There is not one thing Mr. Bodeker says that is incorrect in this interview. It still amazes me that we have one generation that did what was necessary to save the world that was followed up by another generation hell-bent on destroying the USA!

As Mr. Bodeker points out he sees what many of us see in the devaluing of the dollar, shipping our industry overseas, and the coming economic collapse which is all by design by those traitors in DC! He maybe up in age but the man knows what he is talking about and to this day 70 years later is still prepared to honor his oath! How many in the military today or retired are prepared to do the same? You took an oath to the Constitution and this country NOT an oath to government or a wannabe dictator drunk with power!

Sad to see our own present day modern military discriminating as to who is and isn’t an enemy to the Republic… I hope old timers like Mr. Bodeker won’t have to set things straight again because of this immature generation!