Mark Levin: Health Care System Has Already Effectively Been Nationalized

Obama acts above the law doing what he wants with obamacare telling insurance companies what to do, changing the law as he goes and Congress does nothing. They are in fact complicit with the destruction… fundamental transformation of America!

Single payer government-run healthcare is the end goal which you think would have everyone alarmed by now since they cannot even get a website to work! What do you think will happen once they have complete and total control? If you are not in good health you will be at the mercy of the imperial regime. The only course of action we the people have is to not participate but how many do you think really have the stones to do that? You couldn’t even come out on election day to put a stop to this megalomaniac! This nations salvation is not going to come from some politician it is going to come from the people… I’m not holding my breath you all will wake up in time though because I know you are waiting for someone else to come along and take up your fight!

So when you can’t get good care, fall very ill and are denied coverage remember these times. Remember when you were in good health and could have fought back but chose not to because you are too busy with work, kids, big ball game, shopping and what the Kardashians are up to!