Eric Holder Gets Grilled by Sen Mike Lee and Can’t Answer the Constitutional Basis for Obama’s Executive Orders

There is a three level analysis that is done in the DOJ when a president considers executive order as Lee explains in which Eric Holder cannot answer what level of analysis is the basis for obamas executive orders. Holder is the Attorney General and doesn’t know even though he states this 3 level analysis is used, how is that possible? Holder doesn’t know because the DOJ is not vetting the emperors executive orders/ actions because he/ they have no intention of stopping nor prosecuting the emperor even if he is in violation of the powers delegated to him under Article II of the Constitution.

Thankfully Lee points out that even though obama may have done the same quantity of EO’s as his predecessors the real issue is the quality/ context of his EO’s vs the Bush’s, Clinton, Reagan, Carter etc. Lee is the first person I have heard to date make this clear. Pundits on the left always point out obama has done the same number but they leave out what they were. That matters in these arguments because it’s one thing for a POTUS to issue an EO on taco night vs one who issues EO’s that break the law! Saying “so and so issued 100 executive orders is no different from obamas 100” is deceitful and misleading to say the least!

We are in a post-Constitutional Republic where the law is only followed when it suits the agenda of these crooks in power.