Lying Adulterer Blasts ‘Inequality’ and ‘Climate Change’ Before Swearing in Commie

What a sight to see commie de Blasio sworn in by the Billy Boy who lied under oath for screwing around in the oval office. But wait it gets better the Bible used was one owned by big time progressive FDR! Well NYC you got rid of progressive nanny Bloomberg and went a step higher electing commie de Blasio. If you thought Bloomberg was bad wait until you see what this guy will do! Those in NY with shred of sanity do yourself a favor and get out asap!

I hope people realize those like Clinton and de Blasio who claim inequality play a role in it to begin with. The power structure creates crisis’ so they can rise to power as a solution. As for the cries of climate change as these jackasses to explain how the earth heated up after the last ice age? Climate change is just another racket for progressives to seize power.