Mark Levin Speaks With Prof Paul Kengor on “Who Exactly is Barack Obama?” and His Communist Ties

While everyone was talking about what would be talked about during the imperial emperors speech yesterday Mark Levin wanted to talk about “who exactly is Barack Obama?” Professor Paul Kengor went into great lengths talking about the emperors communist ties with Frank Marshall Davis, who is also his mentor!

Once you get a grasp on the background story of obama it puts a greater light on exactly what he is doing to the nation. Fundamental transformation becomes more apparent that it is his dream to turn the US into a socialist/ marxist/ communist state because that is the only thing he has ever known.

For more detail on obama ties with the Jarrett and Ayers families, and other radical revolutionaries you should check out “There are no coincidences only illusions of coincidence” which are STR EXCLUSIVE videos you won’t see ANYWHERE else!