MSDNC’s Touré: MLK’s Vision Was for Gov’t to Provide All with Income and Jobs

Touréttes like all progressive dirtbags loves to interpret and rewrite history on the fly. I don’t recall ever hearing MLK’s dream was to empower the govt so it could provide people with income and jobs. Did I miss something did MLK say “I have a dream for the govt to give everyone free stuff, money and jobs”? His dream was for all men to be treated equal by the content of their character not by the color of their skin. That people should be free to live their lives and take advantage of all the opportunities available to break free from poverty. His movement wasn’t about socialism and big government it was about people being treated fairly as human beings not things or property.

Progs never cease to amaze me how they will change history and even historical figures political views to suit their radical agenda!