Glenn Beck CBO Report Proves Obama Admin Outright Lied About Obamacare: Looked You in the Eye and Lied to Your Face

Glenn Beck spent the first hour of his radio show blasting the imperial regime following the CBO report on obamacare using it to cite the countless lies the admin told the American people. This radio segment was constructed in a similar manner Beck did his Fox shows breaking down each lie and proving it with the imperial emperors own words.

Regime told us barackobamacare
would be deficit neutral = lie
would create jobs = lie
keep costs down = lie
save families $2500/ yr = lie
cover everyone = lie

The one truth that came out of all of this is those of us in opposition were right all along. We warned everyone the admin was looking us in the eyes and lying to the American people’s face. We warned this nightmare was coming where the left then set out to destroy anyone who got in their way. Great job leftist drones in your quest for glory you have now played a hand in the destruction of the US!

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