Rush: Republicans Willing to “Commit Suicide” on Amnesty

Actually it makes total sense why the republicants are willing to commit suicide. Those pushing ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY are mostly progressives, the same ones who were against defunding obamacare that attacked the rebels in the GOP aka Cruz, Lee, Paul etc. Rush needs to revisit this and make it clear it’s the same names who were against Cruz and Lee that are pushing amnesty, guys like McCain and Boehner… or course. These monsters are as much a threat to the Republic as their demoncrat brothers and sisters who stand up and applause their emperor when he decrees he will seize power from them through executive orders/actions!

These monsters care only about three things and they are money, power and control. They get these from holding on to their political seats and think they will keep their seats if they grant amnesty creating a whole new pool of permanent dependent entitlement uninformed voters. That is what this is all about, unfortunately after Reagan was duped in 1986 the votes & support from the latin community never really surfaced for republicans. So it’s a myth they will get a following when they hammer in the final nails into the nations coffin. Let me just say Paul Ryan is one of the guys swinging the hammer!