Harry Reid Says He Never Called ObamaCare Stories Lies

As if his lies about all the people screwed by obamacare are untrue this uncontested SOB now says he never said it! This clip is pure example of how lost this country is. We have the Senate Majority leader attacking demonizing and blatantly calling Americans liars who have been screwed royally by obamacare. Reid is so emboldened he can go on that same Senate floor and say he never said it regardless of the fact we have the video. He is no different from obama and the majority of politicians infesting our govt who are systematically destroying this country.

This man is one of the most corrupt politicians in DC left in power by the citizens of Nevada. Their refusal to remove him from power is a spit in the face to all Americans and is why the state of Nevada needs to be boycotted!

The US is in full distress and there is NO ONE coming to the people’s aid. Those of you in the military shame on you for violating your oath to defend this country against all enemies both foreign and domestic. The domestic enemies are the same ones who have destroyed your healthcare system, run your economy into the ground, print and devalue your money, use you to do their dirty work in foreign lands who deny you funding and equipment on the battlefield. They are the same people who pay you next to nothing for putting your lives on the line, deny you medical care & benefits yet you pledge full allegiance to them! Again SHAME ON YOU!