Lt Col Ralph Peters: Putin is Playing Game of Thrones and We’re Playing Downton Abbey

The three suggestions Lt Col Peters makes obama will never do because he doesn’t care and is fine with Putin reconstituting the Russian Empire. Again the ongoing constant of the day and our times is fundamental transformation that not only applies to America but to our foreign relations on a global scale. Peters is correct Putin will not stop with Crimea until he has the eastern and south-eastern portions of the Ukraine. The KGB thug is bent on reconstituting the empire and he cannot do that without controlling the Ukraine. This guy think the dissolution of the Soviet Empire may be illegal so IMO he won’t stop with the east and southeast of the Ukraine. In order to reconstitute the empire fully you need all of the Ukraine before you take Poland, the Slavic territories and eastern Europe!

It may take years for Putin to pull this off but it is the end goal and obama keeps blinking! Eastern Europe will be under threat from the Soviets again because there is no one to stand in the way, since obama is weakening the US, as there was during the Cold War. The power elite are laying claim to their territories or giving up power as I have said obama is doing with the US’ influence and superpower status now dwindling. He is making the US into a true third world Banana Republic for the reset many believe is coming from the inevitable economic collapse.

None of this should be taken lightly when you have a thug who wants to restore the Soviet Empire and the leader of the “free world” prepared to bow down handing power over to communists!