Romney Rips Obama “Naiveté” Dealing With Russia “This Is Not Fantasy Land, This is Reality”

I don’t care how you feel about Romney he was robbed of the 2012 election. Bronco ‘bama won the election on a massive pile of lies and deceit. Had obamacare been rolled out on schedule there is no way he could have survived the last few weeks of the election Hurricane Sandy or not. Mitt Romney like Sarah Palin warned this mess with Russia and the Ukraine would happen. The crap media’s hands are covered in the blood of those who have died and will die with what is going on.

Schieffer should be smacked for asking such an absurd question “should we have known”?! We knew emperor obama and his minions chose to do nothing! We are now witnessing the early stages of the 2nd Cold War. Some will shrug it off because they have no clue what it means. Those who grew up during the Cold War when there was a USSR know better. This is what progressives do, they erase history. Communism is just a word to an entire generation. They do not understand the dangers and atrocities that come along with it. How can they when the crap media praises socialism, government control etc!?

Why care some ask? Because the security of the US is at risk. The Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal under the promise they would be protected. They were lied to. Nuclear weapon proliferation will begin again starting with Iran. There is no way now they will ever give up their nuclear weapons program. They like other nations will cite the failures of the world body to protect the Ukraine as justification to arm with nukes. Other middle eastern and European nations will follow. And that boys and girls is the problem because many nations who are enemies of the US will aggressively arm up with nuclear weapons. Nations who shelter & aid radical islamic extremists who will be more than happy to get their hands on nukes to use on the US and our allies.

Under obama the US is viewed as a weak passive country where dictators are now emboldened to do as they please because they know the once great superpower has been reduced to a politically correct, socialist/communist leaning entitlement state who enables radicals worldwide!