Father Arrested For Speaking Out at School Board Meeting Talks to Megyn Kelly (Raw Footage)

This horrible citizen, a concerned father, is guilty of disorderly conduct for objecting to the pornographic material in a book his 14-year-old daughter, Marina, was required to read. The hardened thought criminal, William Baer, tells Megyn Kelly he went over his two minute limit to speak where afterwards he was expected to shut up and be quiet like the other sheople attending the school board meeting. You see in the Gilford NH school district the rule is you have ONLY 2 minutes to speak, imposed by board chairman Sue Allen, and there are no questions or answer during the school board meeting. But because he was concerned for his daughter, and one can assume other teens, welfare for being exposed to borderline adult “X-rated” material he continued to speak out. The school board got their in-house stormtrooper to remove Baer while the sheople sat with their heads down.

I waited to post on this video…

because I wanted to hear the fathers story. That said I will now say my peace…

There is a lot of anger over how William Baer was treated but I would like to direct the attention of this disgraceful event on the parents & others attending the board of education meeting. First off Marina Baer is 100% correct when she scolds the school board members and meeting attendees for how her father was treated. I wouldn’t trust one person in that room who would resort to having someone silenced and arrested. I also would not trust any of the attendees because not one person stood up and spoke out in that room in Baer’s defense while he was carted out by the stormtrooper. Watch the video again and look at them! Look at how they sit there, some with their heads down, others not even looking in his direction, one guy was very eager to be called on to speak!

What in the blue hell is wrong with people? To be silent is to speak! These people are complicit with this uncalled for abuse of power. It is a board of education meeting not the US Supreme Court! Listen to what Baer tells Kelly again that the principal, Peter Sawyer, didn’t want to hear the extremely graphic and violent content in the book!

As for the stormtrooper SHAME ON YOU! Arresting a man for violating a 2 minute rule expressing his freedom of speech over a legitimate issue is deplorable. Baer at no time was resisting arrest yet the stormtrooper connoted to push him, as if it was an attempt to get William to react so harsh force could be used! The cop should turn his badge in because I guarantee you this is the kind of cop who has no problem abusing the powers delegated to him. This is the type of cop I have featured on STR thinking they are above the law.

I hope Baer gets himself a good liberal attorney! Yea that’s right I said a liberal attorney they love this stuff so why not find one and press charges against the board of education and the cop for malicious prosecution! The only way these abuses of power will stop is by 1) exposing those behind it 2) lawsuits, very expensive high-profile lawsuits against your accusers! When people silencing others or abusing their power have to start shelling out large settlements they will learn their lesson! 3) in this case Mr Baer or anyone feeling the same as him should get on the board of education. Get on the school boards and start changing them from within. That goes for Common Core, you want to stop it get involved get on the school board or elect people of like minds who will put a stop to this insanity.

America it all comes down to simple question: What are you prepared to do? If you want to sit around and wait for someone else to come along and do something you are going to be waiting for a long time. You have to get active and engage the left on their own turf.if that means getting arrested then so be it!