Fmr Clinton WH Counsel Vows To “Truth Squad” The Benghazi CMTE

Lanny Davis might want to start with a “truth squad” on how the obama regime has lied on just about everything since he seized power! The whole purpose of the select committee is to get access to people, documents etc and questions which have yet to be answered! Who made Davis the end all resource for the “truth” on Benghazi anyway? Does he have all the intel reports from the CIA? Was he on-site during the attack witnessing the mortar rounds being walked in with precision? Will he make sure every aspect of this admin running guns to Al Qaeda is addressed?! Hm?! Don’t hold your breath.

Lanny Davis needs to butt-out of this investigation it will be done right under Trey Gowdy even with 5 dems on the committee who will do everything possible to torpedo it and hide the truth. It will be curious to see when the dems lie about what happened if Davis will correct them! With him already telling Megyn Kelly he thinks this investigation is unnecessary it’s safe to assume he will only make matters worse.