Reid & Pelosi Hold Incoherent Press Conference at Film Screening to Attack Koch Brothers

The two top dem monsters held a screening of an anti-Koch film at the US Capitol tonight which is on our dime!

Can someone explain what this lunatic is ranting about? The Koch brothers have no control over silencing anyones free speech. As a matter of fact it’s really the progressives that are trying to silence people! I want someone with a set in the GOP to explain how the Senate Majority Leader is permitted to slander private US citizens daily on the taxpayers dime! Why has no one challenged Dingy to produce proof the Koch’s want to do away with Social Security, do not want law enforcement (? this must have something to do with US attorney confirmations) along with the myriad of false charges this senile old bastard continually smears them on!

Pelosi of course is full of crap! Our govt is a “government of the money” since she, Reid, obama and countless progressives (democrat & republican) are bought and paid for. Soros, Steyer, Bloomberg, Zuckerberg, Winfrey, Gates, Buffet etc along with countless super rich Hollywood celebs and unions all OWN the progressives in DC. Yet for whatever reason Reid, Pelosi and their ilk target 2 PRIVATE CITIZENS Charles and David Koch who rank 59th on the list of top political donors. The left fears 2 successful brothers just like they fear one cable network (Fox News)!

This govt has become the very thing our Founders fought against, each and every one of them is turning in their graves!

America you know this, you complain about it daily but what have you done to put a stop to it? You have had a simple task of voting out incumbents on both sides over the last few weeks in primary elections but have allowed all of them to win, move forward with re-election this November. You DO NOT have the will to act because you cannot even support a primary challenger or a small website trying to show you how to engage the left!