Schumer Threatens GOP to Pass Immigration Reform or Obama Will

Chuck-SchumerSchumer and the other DC destroyers are at it again pushing the GOP to move on ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY, trying all the tricks in the book to get their brother progressives in the House to move on immigration.

First off Schmuck lies about obama’s high deportation figures, we know those numbers are cooked where illegals turned away at the border, among others, are counted as a deportation. This lie suggests his majesty wants a tough immigration bill because we’re throwing illegals out at record levels! Not true especially since they just let 36,000 illegal convicts waiting to be deported loose on Americans streets!

The next trick Schmuck uses is suggesting Congress pass the bill now and have the starting date Jan 21 2017 to avoid obama from bypassing and rewriting the law as he has done with obamacare. Take note Schumer just admitted he knows obama is a lawless president dictator who will violate the law without hesitation, so he creates this fake escape hatch for the GOP. Why is it fake? It sounds great but let’s be honest there is no guarantee the republicants will win in 2016 especially with the establishment pushing Christie and Jeb Bush. Let’s assume they lose again and it’s Hillary or some other progressive democrat who would in effect be obama’s third term! Obama set the precedent now for potus to violate the law unchallenged by Congress, who is to say Hillary or even a progressive GOP potus won’t bypass the immigration law just as obama has!?

Finally Schumer gives the ultimatum; act in the next 6 weeks or else (June 10th to August recess)! He again admits obama is a lawless president who will violate the law and grant amnesty via executive orders. Executive Orders were never meant to be used in the manner obama and other presidents have used by legislating from the oval office. EO’s were intended to apply to the Executive Branch. It is unconstitutional for the president of the US to legislate from the oval office. The demoncrats do not realize their encouraging obama to act on his own has made Congress irrelevant. If by some act of God the GOP ever has a super majority there is nothing to stop them from acting the same way as the democrats have!

Ask yourselves why the rush to pass amnesty? What is the big hurry? Yep, they want another victory under their belt going into the midterm elections. This one though the nation will feel for decades and you can be sure there will be some way, some loophole built into amnesty bill that will allow illegals to vote in 2016!

You know the SOB’s passed obamacare on Christmas Eve, now wouldn’t it look great for them to pass amnesty right before or on the Fourth of July!! You were in the street for almost a year opposing obamacare and that did NOTHING to stop it from being passed. Today not one march, protest, sit-in etc against amnesty and the SOB’s know it! That boys and girls is the other reason why they want to act quickly, because this nation is in some kind of lazy funk or self-induced coma! When you finally wake up 11,000,000,- 20,000,000 illegals will be brand new voters for the democrat party!