Carney in 2013: No Decisions About Bergdahl ‘Without Consulting With Congress’

Soooo last year the regime was prepared to follow the law and consult with Congress, but then all of a sudden in the name of “deteriorating health” his majesty waved his magic pen and bypassed Congress! He bypassed the IRRELEVANT Congress AGAIN for a man, Bergdahl, who the Pentagon concluded “walked away” aka is a deserter! They negotiated with terrorists to set 5 monsters loose who should have been put down on the battlefield! I guess those of you in uniform will be a little bit more aggressive in battle knowing how this regime will betray you.

The timing couldn’t be any more perfect for the regime to keep attention away from the VA scandal and then so conveniently the Minister of Propaganda announcing he will be leaving. Makes sense now doesn’t it with this video surfacing proving they lied AGAIN!? Congress will do nothing so do not hold your breath folks, there will be a hearing MAYBE and then thats it! Carney will probably land some job on Commie News Network or MSDNC to push the regimes propaganda. This is the new norm now folks because people insist on being complacent leaving the same people in power, get use to it!

US concluded in 2010 that Bergdahl walked away
By Associated Press | WaPo
WASHINGTON — A Pentagon investigation concluded in 2010 that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl walked away from his unit, and after an initial flurry of searching the military decided not to exert extraordinary efforts to rescue him, according to a former senior defense official who was involved in the matter.

Instead, the U.S. government pursued negotiations to get him back over the following five years of his captivity — a track that led to his release over the weekend…more