Filmmaker Reports From US Border to Megyn Kelly: US Has Fallen Off the Cliff

Drug cartels and criminals are capitalizing off of the manufactured humanitarian crisis on the border no thanks to obama refusing to enforce our immigrations laws. Lynch is probably the first person to finally call DC out for being completely silent and inactive to the invasion at our border. Women and children rushing the border are being used as a distraction/ diversion accompanied by men they don’t know to blend in to get into the US.

How many of these bad guys coming across the border are islamic radicals or terrorists from other countries? That is the question that should be keeping Americans awake at night! Look at the video in the beginning again, you can see the illegal activity taking place with no border agents to be found! We have no idea who is coming across and what they are bringing, be it drugs, weapons, diseases, WMD’s! You know why they are getting across so easily? 40% of our border agents have been pulled off the line to babysit all the illegals that have broken into our nation! It’s no wonder agents moral is down while we witness the beginning of the destruction of the US.

This is the #1 threat to the nation, all the problems we already have are going to get bigger when these illegals are granted amnesty by Congress giving in to obama. If they don’t, mark my words emperor obama will use Executive Orders to grant not amnesty but ASYLUM for all these refugees! Bookmark this page boys and girls so you can say you knew when and where you first heard it. Based on what we know, the threats from Schumer, Gutierrez and obama if the House doesn’t pass amnesty with some type of relief provision for all these illegals obama will grant them ASYLUM!

US military you have been used and abused by this regime, they break the law and put the nation you swore to protect in dire jeopardy. Your Republic is now being invaded WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??