Border Agents Scramble After Coming Under Fire From .50 Cal Weapons Fired by Drug Cartels [Watch]

Drug cartels have brought out the heavy firepower to lay down suppressive fire to aid illegals entering the US! There is no protection for border agents against this type of firepower it will cut through and destroy EVERYTHING in its path! The way it looks now the Coast Guard needs to be moved in to the Rio Grande sector… better yet US Navy SWCC boat crews who have more firepower on one boat than the drug cartels posses…

I’ll say it because no one else will… we’re at war folks at the southern border! The drug cartels, gangs, terrorists… even Mexican military are all coming across our border and engaging our agents. War is the only way to describe what is going on there and they are behind the illegal alien rush into the US to subvert & destabilize our rule of law, economy, social services and public health!

Every single Americans blood should be boiling at this point! Demand immediate action on the border with the deployment of the National Guard if not US Army. Tell state and federal leaders no more talk, no more studies etc lock the border down NOW!