Kelly File: Executive Action On Immigration Could Allow Millions Amnesty

Be warned America any immigration/ border related bill passed in the House will be interpreted as a true immigration bill to the corrupt demoncrats in the Senate. They will take the House bill to Conference with the immigration bill they passed last year and from it we will have amnesty.

I don’t care that summer break has been delayed you need to get on your Representatives and give them hell on this. Nothing can be passed in the House as Reid has made it clear such bill could open the door to Conference. He made no threats when he made the statement they would do it but let’s be honest this is Reid and his destructive democratic party… would you trust them with your life or families life? The GOP is being baited into passing anything because of fear of obama using his pen. This is their fault for never taking any action to stop his executive actions.

As stated earlier the dems have been begging the House to produce ANY bill on immigration because they have every intention to use it to pass amnesty. They just want the House republicans to agree on something anything immigration/ border related so they can take it to conference with the Senate immigration bill.

This is the Trojan Horse amnesty bill Reps Bachmann, Gohmert and S King warned about last year.