Pelosi Says Treat Illegal Immigrant Children Like Baby Jesus [Watch]

Nancy Pelosi is not only dangerous to the US, she is certifiably insane to suggest illegal alien children are like baby Jesus! Sorry I missed that day in CCD when they went over the comparison of the Holy family escaping from Herod, who had all children under the age of 2 executed in Bethlehem, to the economic & social struggles and corrupt govts of third world countries illegals are subjected to! Please Nancy tell us about the illegal children being executed for what we would like to know in their countries of origin that they are escaping to the US seeking refuge!? Under her logic the US might as well take in the children from all nations around the world. Sadly there is violence and abuse etc around the world, we cannot be caregivers to the world! With this kind of “leadership” in DC it’s no wonder the US is going right off a cliff at warp speed!

Illegal aliens do not need legal representation let alone $3.7 billion of tax payer dollars wasted on unnecessary hearings which will take months. They need to be fed, cleaned up, given clean change of clothes, a medical check and sent back to their native countries immediately! We know why they are here, it has NOTHING to do with the lies we are being told by the power elite. There has always been violence and economic turmoil in Mexico, Central America and all the other countries these illegal aliens are coming from. They are not legitimate refugees and should be denied refugee status on the spot. Many interviewed say they are coming to the US because they heard they won’t be sent back. I bet if one digs a little further they will find illegals are also here for all the free stuff the socialist party is giving away at American taxpayers expense!