Rush: We Are Being Governed By The Most Divisive And Lawless President EVER [Listen]

Eric Holder is a certified RACIST! It is beyond absurd to suggest the resistance he and the imperial emperor are getting is because of the color of their skin. No sorry Eric is has to do with the content of your character! We oppose you and obama because your policies are destructive to say the least. As Rush points out apparently the whiner forgets he was confirmed by the WHITE Senate! 12.3 percent of the U.S. population is Black Americans, that said how did obama get elected? Hmm that would mean the mean evil racist dominant white population had to vote for him… TWICE! Let’s not forget we have black Americans in every level of govt and in the private sector as well running large corporations.

Fact is Holder is pulling the race card because he has no defense for the crimes he and obama are committing that he know diverts attention away. It is a pathetic but effective method to divert attention away that works with the uninformed voting class they are looking to expand with all the illegals coming in.