ISIS: We Will Raise the Flag of Allah in the White House

Well let’s see we have been warned for a few years now the caliphate is coming and here it is! These radical jihadists are increasing their power by the day. Obama had the chance to take them out when they first entered Iraq but he passed on it. Now they control huge sections of Iraq and have their hands on US military armor & equipment. They are slaughtering anyone and everyone who gets in their way. Christians and other religious minorities in the region have been targeted for termination that all could have been avoided had obama not cut & run from Iraq.

Today obama has launched airstrikes against ISIS forces to assist the Christians in hiding. This will escalate as far as ISIS is concerned. They are looking for a fight as indicated in the video. They think they won against us in the past and want a fight with us. When Glenn Beck started talking about the caliphate he was ridiculed and mocked, he was right as were many who tried to warn people, including the terrorists themselves. That said do no take the threat that they “will raise the flag of Allah in the White House” lightly. This death cult is prepared to do whatever they have to to fulfill their promises. If the US had a real leader he/ she would wipe these monsters out, but instead we have a pacifist who will do the minimum to save face for short-term political points.